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The heart of all leadership at the Junction Church is to serve God and people. The pastoral team provide overall leadership across Loughborough, Leicester and Nottingham.

Roy Todd

Senior Pastor

Roy is an inspirational leader whose passion to champion a generation is evident across the life of our church. Originally from Belfast, N Ireland, Roy laid aside his passion for music composition to pursue academic studies in Biblical theology with Sheffield University. In 2012, he and his wife Lydia pioneered the Junction Church. Today, the church is flourishing across Loughborough, Leicester & Nottingham.

Jonah Dykes


Jonah became part of the Junction Church in 2014 while he was a student. Growing up in a home with parents who were both Anglican vicars, this will undoubtedly have given Jonah a basic grounding in ministry life! Jonah is married to Becca and together, the have a young son. Jonah serves across the life of our church.

Lydia Todd

Senior Pastor

Along with her husband, Lydia leads the Junction Church. A theology graduate, Lydia's role very much oversees the day to day running of the church, ensuring everything we do is serving our growing church community across all locations. Lydia is mum to two young children, and she is passionate about supporting and encouraging parents on the ever changing journey of parenthood!

Zara Ohajunwa

Pastoral Assistant and PA to senior pastors

Zara has been part of the Junction Church since 2014. A chemistry graduate, Zara's passion has always been to serve the church community. Her role helps keeps a growing church well organised. Zara was recently married to Joe.

Frazer Botham


Frazer has been part of the Junction Church virtually from the beginning. A graduate in Chemistry from Loughborough Uni, Frazer stayed in town to be part of our church. He's a genuinely warm and caring person whose ministry is always appreciated. Frazer is married to Aimee and together they have a young daughter.

Amy Chandler

Kids Team Director

Amy came to the Junction Church in 2014 and hasn't looked back since! She cares deeply about kids and families. To mention but a few things, Amy pioneered Warmth Hubs, overseen huge growth in our kids church and has facilitated support for families during the cost of living crisis. She is a wonderful person who brings compassion and wisdom to our team.


The Junction Church community is well served by a wider team of people who are each committed to helping others. Below are some of our team leaders.

Angie Koppoe -

Youth Team Leader

Noel Suthesh

Finance Director

SJ Cho

Loughborough Student Team Leader

Nancy Mayeka

Worship Team Leader

Tam Huckle

Leicester Campus Team Leader

Ben Doughty

Nottingham Campus Team Leader

Worship Team

Are you a musician or singer? Are you willing to attend weekly rehearsals each Tuesday night as well as receive input that will develop your competence?

Developing Leaders Forum

This is a forum for those interested in leadership. It’s not about position – but about serving others. Interested?

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