by Roy Todd

Some things in our lives are beyond our control. For example, none of us got to choose where we were born. Nor did we get any choice about the circumstances into which we were born. We didn’t choose our genetics & appearance either. However, no-matter what kind of background we’ve come from, we all have the God given power to choose the way we live our lives today. This is an incredibly powerful truth.

In the Old Testament book of 1 Chronicles, a character called Jabez is mentioned. His name meant ‘painful’. However Jabez chose to break free from the poor choices of his own mother – and believed for God’s blessing in his life. What’s interesting is that Jabez choice wasn’t birthed in rebellion – but in honour. It actually says that he was ‘more honourable than his brothers’. He chose to live an honourable life even though his upbringing was dishonourable. Here’s what we learn about Jabez:

He chose to put God first .
He chose to pursue God’s blessing.
He chose to live in God’s healing.
He chose to pray for God’s increase over his life.
He chose to believe for God’s favour.

Read about him for yourself – just two verses in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10.

The point is – no-matter who you are, where you’re from or what you’ve been through, God has given you the power to make choices. A smart person will think carefully about this and be sure to make decisions that are wise. A good benchmark when it comes to decisions is to think…..what will this decision look like in 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years etc. (I’ve written a blog called ‘The Path of Least Regret’ which you might find helpful HERE.)

Here are some things all of us get to choose TODAY

You choose your attitude
You choose your words
You choose your friends
You choose how you react
You choose to be mean or gracious
You choose how you spend your time
You choose to be offended or not
You choose to gossip or to speak well of others
You choose to believe or not

This list could go on. In his book ‘Live, Love, Lead’, Brian Houston puts it like this “If you put God first, you’ll never come second’. Yup, it’s ALWAYS a good decision to put God first.


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by Roy Todd

A few years ago, I bought what I thought was a high quality watch from a street market stall in New York (yes, ok I know….I was an ejit for getting it). Pleased with my purchase, I proceeded to wear it and show it off with great pride. However within a week, said watch had literally fallen to pieces. It was a cheap imitation of the real thing and I’d been ripped off!!

Cheap imitations never last. Truth is, we live in a world of fake. It’s not just about the dreaded fake news. There are fake relationships, fake appearances, fake lives, fake identities…there is a lot of fakery out there. What’s interesting is how a generation has caught onto it. There is a desperate desire among them for reality. This is one of the reasons I love this generation so much.

However, in a world of fake, we must be sure never to assume that ‘negative’ is real. It can be so easy to revert to the safe ground of cynicism as a way of protecting ourselves against all the falsity we encounter. But the problem is that negativity is also fake. You see, it’s the cheap imitation of ‘honesty’. But it’s not honest.

Negativity is harsh and judgmental. It forms a biased opinion against others without basis or foundation. It’s like a form of predjudice – suspicious, uncaring and unreal. It’s also intrinsically selfish, protecting it’s own self interest instead of pursuing what is right. It is lazy and sloppy, the most convenient route for a distrustful heart to take. But it’s cumulative fallout is huge – and a culture of low trust will always be it’s consequence, something which is never to the advantage of our world.

As Christians, this poses a dilemma for us. After all, we are people of faith. So do we too make negativity our default reaction to all the falseness in the world? It’s all well and good to say that we are believers in God and not in people, but this is utterly flawed thinking. Faith in God will always lead to faith in people – ALWAYS. It’s the faith that people can experience God’s love, the faith that they can live with purpose, the faith that people are valuable, the faith that God can work in people despite the shallow fakery of their lives, the faith that no-matter how messed up someone’s life is, there is hope.

So how do you stay real in a fake world? Faith IS the answer. It’s the only answer. It’s gritty. It’s messy. It’s earthy. It pays a price. Faith is the carrier of God’s greatest gift to our world – ‘love’. Never stop believing.



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Dog collars: OUT. Skinny ripped jeans: IN

When asked what they think about ‘Church’, the word that will immediately come into the mind of a new generation is ‘irrelevant’. This has led some older Christians to lament these ‘young people’ who, they believe, have rejected God. But I completely disagree. This generation is probably more spiritually open than any generation that has gone before them. It’s not that they’ve turned their backs on God. It’s that they can’t meaningfully engage with a Church that doesn’t connect with their lives. I don’t blame them.

A recent survey has shown that 70% of young adults actually believe in God.

churches in loughboroughOne of the things that I absolutely love about the Junction Church is that it is fresh & young at heart. The energy, passion & verve of our Sunday services is something that needs to be experienced rather than explained. We are packed with loads of people spanning different generations, each of which are committed to following Jesus in 21st century life. It’s just awesome to see it. What really encourages me about our church is the number of young adults who are part of it. We are a better church because of them.

Truth is, the majority of churches tend to be made up of an older generation of faithful & committed members who have been serving for many years. Yet as honourable as this is, the vibrancy & freshness of youth is badly missing & sometimes even resisted.

Someone recently asked me why I thought so many young adults were actively involved in the Junction Church. Personally, I think it has something to do with the fact that we are totally intentional about championing their generation – but not in a condescending or patronising kind of way. We genuinely believe they have a lot to offer. So we involve them.

As a pastor, I totally recognise that I have so much to learn from this generation. I’m actually a better guy for being around them. They inspire and challenge me. Their outlook on life and understanding of the world is as insightful to me as it is intriguing. They have challenges and struggles which are different to what I knew. They keep me fresh. They keep me young at heart. They laugh at my jokes (ok, they’re just being polite….but still…).

Too often, the Church in the UK wants to reach a new generation yet expects them to conform to ways of doing things that are stuck back in the 1800’s. Much of these traditions aren’t even mentioned in the Bible!

Think about Jesus. He was totally relevant to people’s lives. He looked like them. He talked like them. He lived like them. He wasn’t distant or aloof. He hung out with the sinners. People wanted to be around him. HE is our example. This is how his Church should be too.

I reckon it’s high time for Church to change so it’s far more like it’s founder – Jesus. Church GB needs to transform how we do things so we connect with the lives of an amazing & brilliantly creative generation who are longing to live for a cause that’s bigger than themselves.

Dog collars are OUT. Ripped skinny jeans are IN. Let the revolution begin!!



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by Roy Todd

Worship is an important part of the life of the Junction Church Leicester & Loughborough.

When it comes to styles of worship music, some Christians like pipe organs and choirs. Others prefer something that’s more current and contemporary. At the Junction Church, we unashamedly do the latter. Our worship vibe is passionate & upbeat. However we will never criticise or demean those who prefer a more reflective way of worshipping. It’s not that one is right and the other is wrong. They’re just two different expressions of the same thing – worship.

Ultimately though, worship is about far more than just music. It’s how we live our lives.

Jesus elaborated on this when he taught about the kind of worship that pleases the Father. In John 4:23-24 he says,

“The hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.

So what did Jesus mean by ‘spirit’ and ‘truth’ here? Lets think about both of them:

Worshipping in spirit

What spirit is being referred to here? Is it God’s Spirit or our spirit? The answer is both. In John 3:6, Jesus explained, ‘That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit’. So to worship ‘in spirit’ is to capture and imbibe the essence of who God is. This can only happen when our lives are truly submitted to God’s Spirit. The more this happens, the more we grasp the sense of who God really is. Therefore, worship that truly pleases God is birthed in a revelation of God’s character. Everything God does happens because of who he is. He doesn’t act outside of his character. So as we submit ourselves to the Spirit’s work in our lives, our spirit grasps and inhabits something of who God is and what he desires. This ultimately challenges how we live. To know God’s character is to understand his heart. This is a huge privilege and responsibility.

Worshipping in truth

This is not necessarily referring to doctrinal truth (though what we believe is important). Worshipping in ‘truth’ is the follow on from the previous point about worshipping in ‘spirit’. It’s where ‘the rubber meets the road’ so to speak. It’s the challenge of living an authentic, God pleasing life. It implores us to live a life of integrity. But it goes far beyond being true to ourselves. This is about being true to God. We express worship when we are true to God in our daily decisions. We convey worship when we maintain a good heart and attitude in the midst of life’s pressures. We demonstrate worship when we choose to love and forgive instead of holding hate and bearing grudges. We engage in meaningful worship when we decide to live a pure & honest life rather than yielding to the temptations of impurity and deceit.

Ultimately, authentic worship is the response of our heart to God’s heart – the heart and soul of faith – the courage of living according to who God has called us to be – the overflow of a heart of love for God. This is worship.


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by Roy Todd

People are not looking for the perfect church. Yeah right!! Lets be honest….there’s a little part in all of us that expects a touch of perfectionism. You know it’s true!!

Here’s a piece of advice though. If you should ever find the perfect church, then I would encourage you to stay as far away from it as you possibly can. Personally, I would want to avoid any contact with it whatsoever. Why? Because I know myself too well. I’m imperfect you see. So I’m more than aware that if I were to go anywhere near it, then it’s perfection would be severely compromised.

Ok, now for the truth. There REALLY is no such thing as a perfect church. Whilst most people ‘get’ the theory of this, deep down, they still secretly harbour expectations of perfection. These false expectations lead to an inevitable sense of disappointment. The evidence of this lies in how they practically handle things like offence, hurt, mistakes, insensitivity, blunders, embarrassment and the rest. These are all inevitable symptoms of something which isn’t perfect. Therefore, at some point in church life, they’re all going to happen. So when they occur, do we run away from them or stay and work them out? The moment we choose the latter is the day we truly become part of a community.

For all it’s imperfections, there’s no greater blessing in life than to be planted in a local church community. Pastor Bill Hybels once said ‘The local church is the hope of the world‘. He was right. The Junction Church in Leicester and Loughborough is a community of people who have not only experienced God’s amazing grace – but who live in it too. If God had the grace to forgive us, then this surely challenges us about how we respond to the imperfections of others.

The irony is that Christians can sometimes be very poor at handling these imperfections. This is nothing new. In the New Testament, the Pharisees detested Jesus because he was a ‘friend of sinners’. This appalled them. They wrapped their objections in the language of self-righteousness religiosity. However their self-righteousness was merely unrighteousness…in disguise. Jesus felt far more comfortable hanging out with unpretentious unbelievers than with judgmental ‘believers’.

A few years ago, I was involved in helping a couple who’d been involved in a certain ministry. While some of the aims of this particular organisation were good, it was very noticeable that there was a thread of anti-Church sentiment which ran throughout it. This ministry had been birthed back in the 1980’s out of a sense of disappointment with Church. Was the disappointment valid? Perhaps. However this negative anti-Church vibe had the effect of undermining relationships & contaminating any positives about what they were doing. The cynicism of the environment completely missed the point of God’s grace. It also fed a culture of negativism and actually ended up doing great damage to people’s lives, including the couple we were helping. Nobody thrives in a negative environment that focuses on the imperfections of others.

It’s always important to manage our expectations. Only one person deserves 100% of it. His name is Jesus. The rest of us? Well, we are works in progress. We are getting there. However, we need a lot of grace along the way. This is church – all about people who are imperfect. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s loved by God. For this reason, we love it too. #iLoveMyChurch

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by Roy Todd

A few years ago, shortly after we first planted the Junction Church in Loughborough, I found myself at a Hillsong leaders meeting in London. As I sat in there, I have to be really honest with you, I did not enjoy it. Read on and I’ll explain…

During the course of the meeting, I found myself engaging in an internal conversation about why I felt so uncomfortable. It wasn’t because of the speaker – he was brilliant. Nor was it to do with the music – it was excellent. And the welcome was outstanding too. So what was my issue? What could possibly have been so bad that I needed to escape? The reason was….ME. I was the issue.

As I listened to other people who were accomplishing amazing things, I felt intimidated by what I heard. It touched on an insecurity in my heart. You see, we were struggling at that time with a mere 30 strong congregation each Sunday. Resources were scarce and we had just a very small handful of committed people. Frankly, it was tough going. So the more I heard about the amazing things happening in other churches around Europe, the more this seemed to accentuate my own feelings of inadequacy, vulnerability and lack.

Yet as I sat in that meeting, two words kept coming into my mind. I believe they were God’s way of speaking to me. The two words were: Embrace intimidation

It is too easy to surrender to our insecurities and embrace comfort instead. It is what SO many people do. But when we only settle in environments where we feel a sense of permission to do whatever we want, this is a massive hindrance to personal growth. We will only ever grow according to the size of our surroundings. The lack of any genuine challenge is extremely unhealthy and will always keep you small.

That day in the Hillsong leaders meeting, I chose to stay and embrace the intimidation. It was scary – but it was good. I decided that I would celebrate the success of others, not feel threatened by it. I resisted the temptation to run away from my insecurities, and confront them instead. I made intimidation my friend, not my enemy.

The thing about intimidation is that he’s not a poodle who soothes and comforts you. No, he’s more of a ‘kick butt’ type of coach…and this is GOOD. In the end, it’s all about the state of our own heart. We can choose to live in insecurity and become easily offended by the success of others – OR – we can get inspired, take up the challenge and then work with what we have. The latter is what makes all the difference. 

If you are ever going to reach your God-given potential, then don’t settle for the safety of mediocrity. Embrace intimidation instead, no-matter how uncomfortable it may feel.

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by Roy Todd

Britain has just emerged from it’s most bruising political campaign in modern history. The EU referendum displayed both the beauty and ugliness of the democratic process. Voting is a right – a beautiful right. It’s something we should always cherish and never take for granted. Millions died so that all of us could be involved in determining who governs our nation rather than just a select few born into privilege. This is democracy. Yet the campaign which led up to the EU vote has tarnished the reputation of politics. Both sides of the referendum debate crossed a line in the course of arguing their respective cases and have consequently brought the integrity of politics into question. Nothing undermines credibility more than this.

For example, the ‘remain’ side wildly over-eggagerated the effects of brexit (remember the apocryphal threat of an emergency budget the day after a brexet vote?). Meanwhile, the ‘leave’ side implied that money saved from a brexit would be invested in the NHS (remember that bus travelling around the nation with ‘£350 million’ plastered across the side?). Both these central claims were mendacious.

Then there’s the issue of immigration. This was handled unwisely by both sides. The ‘remain’ campaign did not engage in an honest conversation about how our nation would invest in the necessary infrastructure to serve & care for a growing population (e.g. health services & housing etc). Meanwhile, elements of the ‘leave’ campaign allowed immigration to be used as a means of tapping into sections of the electorate who harbour baseless fear and racial prejudice. This was just wrong.

The EU referendum is now over. However the fallout in all the political parties continues, and may do so for many years to come. The public have glimpsed the raw ‘blood and guts’ of politics – the backstabbing, the egotism, the treachery & the dishonour. It has been disturbing to watch.

While the squabbling continues, the danger for our nation is that when politics gets back to ‘normal’, any rallying cries for national unity might be dismissed as hallow and hypocritical. Politicians must understand how cynical the public are of them and work quickly to heal the wounds. Ultimately, this distrust is potentially dangerous for our nation, especially in such uncertain times like these.

So how can we, as Christians, respond to all this? Here are two ways:


Remember, God is not taken by surprise by any of this. He is ultimately in control. The best way we can affirm our trust in him is to pray, pray & pray some more. But how should we pray? Paul the apostle wrote to Timothy and encouraged him with these words: ‘I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede on their behalf, and give thanks for them. Pray this way for all who are in authority so we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity. This is good and pleases God our Saviour, who wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth.’ 1 Timothy 2:1-4


Truth is priceless. Proverbs 23:23 says ‘Buy the truth and do not sell it’. ‘Truth’ here is referring to integrity. It’s costly to be honest. But the price is always worth it. Buying the truth doesn’t mean you’ll always win. However it’s better to lose in honour than win in dishonour. The latter stores up problems for the future. There’s a lesson all of us can learn.


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by Roy Todd

After Leicester City’s incredible premiership victory which filled fans with pride & euphoria, the England national team could not have left their supporters feeling any more despondent. To say their Euro 2016 performance was less than satisfactory is a huge understatement.

Since I’ve lived here for most of my life, I have always supported England when they play international football (apart from when it’s against any of the Irish teams!!). So when England played Iceland in the knock out stage of Euro 2016, I was totally rooting for England and expected them to win as a formality over this tiny nation. Ohhhh boy.

England’s defeat to Iceland marks the lowest point for the national team since the 1950’s when they lost to the USA (who at that point were barely even interested in “soccer”).

To put the defeat to Iceland into some kind of perspective, Iceland has a population the size of Leicester. Their football manager is also a part-time dentist. Contrast this with the English team who had the wealthiest players in the tournament, managed by the highest paid coach. Yet England lost. Huh? So why, with England’s vast resources and the greatest premier football league in the world, could the national team have lost in such a humiliating way?

The pundits will no doubt spend weeks and months pondering over what went wrong – tactics, team quality, dressing room issues and the rest. However I think the real challenge is far more profound than any of these things. The REAL reason why England lost is because it’s leadership didn’t think they could win. This was clearly reflected in the negative way the team played. In a sense, the reason why Iceland won is because they didn’t think they had anything to lose. So the Icelanders had a cheek and audacity that was as inspiring as it was admirable. You see…winning and losing is all in the mind.

It was very telling that the England manager read out his resignation statement in the immediate moments after his team’s defeat. Hang on…when did he prepare this statement? Was he writing it during the match? Truth is, he EXPECTED his team to lose and he had totally prepared for it, hence the pre-written statement. This negative & defeatist vibe had no doubt been unwittingly created among the players too. This undoubtedly reflects a wider cultural flaw in the FA leadership, the default setting of which would need to be reset. No-matter how much resource there is, culture means everything. Culture is ultimately created by what we REALLY believe.

You couldn’t but feel sorry for the now ex-manager during the press interview the following day. He really did look a defeated man whose one relief was that it was finally all over.

How we think totally matters. The car manufacturer Henry Ford once said ‘Think you can or think you can’t, either way you’re right’. He was right. As Christians, the bible encourages us not to be conformed to defeatist cultural patterns but to be ‘transformed by the renewing of our minds’. In other words, God does not want our thinking to be shaped by the negatives of this world but by the positives of HIS word.

Winning starts in the mind. As Christians, this should be our default mindset. Our faith begins in the knowledge that Jesus has won. This started on a mountain called Calvary and culminated with THE most incredible event in history…the resurrection.

When we develop a winning mindset, it puts life in perspective, even the complexities. Our words will ultimately reflect what our mind believes, especially in moments of pressure. So be sure to think like a winner. You have nothing to lose.

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by Roy Todd

Hey Church, I just wanted to update you with one or two developments regarding the Junction Church in Leicester which launches later this year.

The great news is that we’ve found a FANTASTIC venue to host our new Sunday night campus. It’s the Attenborough Arts Centre, Lancaster Road, LE1 7HA. This is in the city centre, just a 10 minute walk from the railway station and right beside Leicester University. If you’re a driver, the great news is that there is loads of free parking around the area on Sunday’s including a large carpark beside the venue. We’re really happy about this!

The one small snag is that we’ve had to adjust the date of our launch. Initially we’d planned to begin in Leicester on Sunday 16th October. However the Arts Centre is not available that night. So we made the call to put it back by one week and commence our Leicester campus on Sunday 23rd October. With the exception of just one other date in November (when the venue isn’t available), this will be our regular venue in the city.

The Attenborough Arts Centre is simply fantastic. If you like contemporary art, you’ll just LOVE this place. The gallery is brilliant – modern and spacious with loads of fascinating exhibits. There’s also a great coffee shop as you enter the centre which serves some of the finest coffee in town! If you happen to be in Leicester any time soon, it would be worth your while to take a look.

So between now and the launch of our Leicester campus in October, how can you help us?

There are four things you can do


We are constantly aware how much we need God’s wisdom and favour. Launching a new Sunday night campus is a true step of faith. So we’d ask you to pray that God will guide our steps and provide the necessary resources in order to help us carry His good news in this amazing city.


One of the BEST things you can do is to let your friends know that we’re launching in Leicester. Do you know a student coming to Leicester? We’d love to look after them when they arrive by providing a great church community for them. Will you get on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and spread the word? This will help us.


We have a team of 11 people who are committed to being in Loughborough every Sunday morning and Leicester every Sunday night. We set the bar very high for this team. I have to say, they are the dream team. The gift mix is truly incredible. They need all the support and encouragement that you can give them.


We’d love you to be with us for our launch on Sunday 23rd October. It would be great to see loads of Junction Church people there on the night. Looking ahead, if you’re part of the Junction Church, we’d love to see you ANY Sunday night at our Leicester campus. Remember, we are ONE CHURCH in TWO locations. There’s no pressure to be there every week. However just being there from time to time will be a great encouragement.

Anyway that’s just a few ways you can help us. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! Find out more about the Junction Church Leicester HERE

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by Roy Todd

The company you keep REALLY matters. Truth is…you will only ever grow to become like the people you spend most of your time with. Get around those who are small-minded, negative, cynical, sarcastic & mean spirited – and it’s inevitable that this will have a profound influence on your life. Alternatively, keep company with people who are positive, go-getting, encouraging, uplifting & passionate – and this too will impact how you live.

One of the most important things to recognise is that there are basically three types of people in your life. They are:

1) The Cautious, 2) The Critical, 3) The Committed.

So let’s take a look at these types of people:

1) The Cautious

They make up around 80% of the people in your world. It’s not that they’re bad. They’re just cautious of you. Why? Because they don’t really understand you. They haven’t caught your heart. They don’t ‘get you’. Sure they’re generally nice enough to you. But just because someone is polite to you doesn’t mean you have their heart.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that everybody in their life understands them. So this false expectation unwittingly sets them up for huge disappointment. What’s 100% certain is that at least 80% don’t really comprehend you! This harsh realisation often leads to feelings of deflation, disappointment & even bitterness.

The challenge with ‘The Cautious’ is that they are fickle. One minute they’ll be with you. Then the next, they won’t. They’ll jump on the bandwagon of your success and then abandon the wagon once you hit tougher times.

Wise people never root their expectation in the crowd. They can turn very quickly. Jesus knew all about this. One day the crowd declared him to be the greatest. Yet within 1 week, those very same people cried ‘crucify him!’. Crowds are fickle.

So it’s never wise to root your expectation in ‘The Cautious’.

2) The Critical

They make up around 10% of those you interact with in life. These people don’t like you very much. There, I said it. That’s right…some people in your life are not your biggest fans. Shocking stuff, hey?

There are a billion reasons why ‘The Critical’ dislike you. It might be jealousy? Could be envy? Perhaps they perceive you as a threat? Maybe it’s a personality clash or a lack of chemistry? It might even be some obscure reason that has never even crossed your mind? But wise people settle in their hearts that not everyone will like you.

So how do you handle these people? The worst response is to react with counter-criticism. By responding like this, you are giving them the very attention they crave. People in this category often have profound internal issues that they can’t really handle very well – so they manage them by deflecting attention on to others who they perceive are more successful in life.

Another mistake is to try to please these people. This will be particularly challenging for people pleasers (you know who you are!!). The problem is that even if you compromise who you are to try and appease ‘The Critical’, they will still find reasons not to like you. Generally, you’re not really the problem. They are.

So how do you handle ‘The Critical’? Well, wise people pray for their critics. Love them. Pray blessing on them. Choose to believe the best for them. If they don’t receive your blessing, it will come bouncing right back in your direction. Keep a sweet spirit but don’t ever be intimidated by your critics.

3) The Committed

They make up around 10% of the people in your life. They are more valuable than pure gold. Their track record is one of persistence, faithfulness and encouragement. These people know the worst about you – yet keep believing the best of you.

Thank God for the people in your life who are ‘committed’ to you. They keep encouraging you. They stick with you through thick and thin. They don’t wait for you be be successful. They just champion you through every failure, disappointment and triumph.

I am personally grateful for the people in my life who are ‘The Committed’. They choose to keep believing in me. Sometimes, they’ve believed in me far more than I’ve believed in myself.

We all need to find these people in our lives. Don’t rush it though, otherwise you set yourself up for disappointment. The best way to attract ‘committed’ people into your life is to be a committed, faithful, loyal person yourself. Like will always attract like.


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