summer madnessSummer Madness  is a brilliant event for kids aged between 4-16. It’s happening from August 6-11 and takes place the heart of the community. This is a seriously brilliant way for kids to have loads of fun and great summer activities. This all takes place in an environment that is really positive and safe. The event itself is run by a team of over 30 volunteers. They are all DBS approved and trained, many of them coming from professional backgrounds. Each day begins with registration. This is just £2 for the day. Morning registration helps us ensure we can look after the kids well and that we can easily get in contact with parents should the need arise.

After registration, the Summer Madness team then lead the kids in one of three action packed programmes from 10am to 2pm. This happens every day for a whole week!! The three programs are: Programme 1 for ages 4-6. Programme 2 for ages 7-11. Programme 3 for ages 12-16.

Sunday FundayRunning alongside the kids programmes is a community cafe. This is a great opportunity for parents and people in the community to enjoy some good food and hot drinks at affordable prices, all served by our friendly team. It’s really good!! The heart of Summer Madness is to really support and serve people in the community well. We totally understand that the long summer holidays can be challenging for those with children. So this event provides an entire week of fun stuff for your kids to do!



Below are a series of 1 minute video diaries from Summer Madness 2017. It gives you an idea of what happens each day, how word of Summer Madness grows and how parents and children love it. Enjoy watching them!






DAY 5 


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