Prayer is like the engine room of the Junction Church. It’s what powers the life of our community. We totally recognise how much we need the Holy Spirit’s help. Prayer is so absolutely essential to everything we do, and we believe God hears and answers us when we call out to him. In our life groups, we regularly pray for each other. No prayer request is ever insignificant because God is interested in everything in our lives. He actually loves it when we submit our concerns to him.

We also gather as a community for nights of prayer & praise. These are normally hosted at Loughborough Baptist Church (who kindly let us use their building). So many people have commented that these are some of the best meetings we host as a church. There have been so many stories of breakthrough as a result. There’s nothing boring about them. They are charged with energy, excitement and a sense of ‘anything is possible with God!’

We strongly encourage everyone who is part of the Junction Church community to get along to our prayer events as they are incredibly powerful. They have been growing more and more and we believe this is a highly significant aspect to the growth of our church. Prayer is like oxygen in the lungs of our church community. It’s how we are sustained, energised, encouraged and refreshed to do all that we believe is what God wants for us. It keeps everything in perspective.

Of course, it is vitally important for each of us to develop our own vibrant personal prayer life. Prayer is like a conversation with God that needs to be continual in our lives. We believe that God desires intimacy with us, and prayer is the way this is developed. We’d love to celebrate alongside you in praise, and stand alongside you in prayer. If you have a prayer request, or a praise report, please fill out the form below.

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