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church nottinghamAre you searching for a church in Nottingham that’s fresh, vibrant and welcoming to people from all walks of life? Well, we reckon you will LOVE what’s going on here!! The Junction Church Nottingham is part of the Hillsong Network and we’ll be officially launching Sunday services in autumn 2020. However, we currently meet every week for Thursday Night Connect. This is at Heavenly Desserts (6 Angel Row, Nottingham, NG1 6HL). We’ll also be putting on a number of interest nights too where you can catch our heart for the city and find out more about how you can get involved in a brand NEW church in Nottingham. These are exciting days of massive possibility. We’d love you to check out the info below and then get in touch if you’re interested in being part of this adventure from the very start. We can’t wait to meet you! Scroll down for more info and enjoy browsing!! If you’d like to contact us, email: amy@junctionchurch.net. Meanwhile, have a listen to the podcast below to catch our heart for the city.



Meet some Junction Church people, catch our heart and find out what we have to offer you and your family right here in Nottingham. Take a look below. 



As well as hosting Thursday night connect, we also host Thursday Night Church. This is a chance for us to worship, get some inspiration and encounter God. The video below is the message from our very latest Thursday night church in Nottingham city centre.

Thursday Night Connect

Junction Church Nottingham

Join us every week for our ‘Thursday Night Connect’. This is at Heavenly Desserts on Angel Row (NG1 6HL). The video below gives some more details. The soundtrack featured is part of a new instrumental album our music collective released this summer. The Junction Church is one of a new breed of contemporary Pentecostal churches on Nottingham where the bible is taken seriously and we believe that God is still at work today. We’d love you to check us out. Be sure to get in touch! 

church nottingham
The Junction Church Nottingham is upbeat, encouraging & passionate about following Jesus. We absolutely LOVE the vibe in this city. The place is seriously bursting with culture & vibrancy. Nottingham is truly one of the great cities in our nation, full of incredible people who are some of the friendliest on the planet! In fact, we love it so much that we’ve decided to pioneer a brand new Junction Church Nottingham campus in the city centre. This will officially happen from autumn 2020. However, instead of just coming in with a blaze of glory, we really wanted to take people on the journey with us so you can discover how you can play your role and be part of the story right from the very start. We totally get it. Church is not about buildings. Nor is it about programmes. It is ALL about people…doing life together and finding out how we can make our lives count for God’s glory. 


If you’re looking to be part of a brand new Nottingham church that’s contemporary and creative, why don’t you connect with us? Use the form below…

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The video below is an extract from one of our services.

Are you a musician or vocalist? Get in contact with us at: info@junctionchurch.net

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This is a video taken from a recent interest night at the Junction Church Nottingham. If you’d like to be part of something fresh & new in the city of Nottingham, be sure to get in contact. We’d love to connect!

About the Junction Church Nottingham

As well as Nottingham, the Junction Church currently meets in two other locations – Leicester & Loughborough. We’re part of the Hillsong Network, and we’re passionate about connecting people with Jesus.

churches in nottinghamSo why are we called ‘the Junction Church’? Well, a junction is a place where roads join together before veering off in different directions. That’s a bit like our church. It’s a community where people gather to be encouraged and equipped – and then they go off into everyday life carrying God’s culture of love. Our vibe is upbeat and alive. We do real, not fake. We do building up, not tearing down. We do life, not lifelessness. The heart and soul of who we are is a passion to follow Jesus. He means everything to us. Actually, he’s the reason why we’re pioneering the Junction Church in Nottingham.

If you want to get a flavour of what our services are like, why don’t you come over and visit one of our current Sunday services? We think you’ll love it here! Let us know you’re coming so we can help make you feel at home Email: amy@junctionchurch.net 

Junction Church Nottingham


One of the things we’re really passionate about at the Junction Church Nottingham is creating fresh worship music that glorifies our amazing God. The video below is a new song written by our worship collective. It’s called ‘Under The Shadow’. We released our debut album in January 2018 – and this got to number 1 on the iTunes Christian Charts. We’ve recently released a brand new EP too – listen to it on the playlist below. The church community is bursting with brilliantly talented singers and musicians who are committed to following Jesus. If you’re a muso who is interested in using your talents for God, then contact us. We’d love to hear from you. The best email is: amy@junctionchurch.net 

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fancy some inspiration?


Every year, we run a conference called ‘V3’. This stands for ‘VISION, VIBE & VALUES’. We think these three things are not only important for a local church – but for everyday life! So V3 conference is a time when our church gathers as one to worship, receive inspiration and hang out together as a community. This year, we’re excited to host a brilliant keynote speaker called Dave Gilpin. He’s a brilliant communicator of God’s word!! The great news is that it’s just £10 to book into the conference. This is happening on Saturday 10th November. Then the following day, we have conference Sunday – a day jam packed with guest speakers and lots of inspiration. Be sure to book in ASAP as places are limited. More information is available HERE. 


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