V3 Conference

by Roy Todd

Last November, we hosted our first ever Junction Church conference called V3. This stands for: Vision, Vibe & Values. I don’t think I’m being over dramatic when I say it was a massive success. To think we’d never done anything like this before….well, all I can say is that our amazing team smashed it out of the theatre!!! 

So…we’re doing it all again in 2018 – only this time it’s going to be even better!! Mark the date – Saturday 10th November. V3 is a chance for us to gather as ONE church to worship God, receive ministry input and just hang out together. In the Old Testament, events like this were celebrated occasions known as festivals. People would take time to reflect, recalibrate and remember the sheer goodness of God. That’s exactly what our annual conference is all about. 

So, what will be different in 2018? Well here are four snippets…


We want to showcase some of the creative brilliance emerging at the Junction Church. We’ll be having special conference openers for each of the main sessions. This will include a mix of multi-media and live performance. You won’t want to miss any of these.


I’m delighted that our main speaker for V3 2018 is Ps Dave Gilpin. He’s a genuine legend who came to England from Australia in the early 90’s and pioneered one of the most creative churches in the UK. He’s a preacher par excellence who will make you think, laugh, and think some more. I know that Ps Dave has a word for your life which is going to profoundly impact you. 


We’re going to be showcasing some of our very own preachers too! A whole session called ‘Seven for Five’ will give you a chance to hear seven 5 minute messages straight from the heart of a bunch of incredible people. All of them will pack a serious spiritual punch. We are blessed with so many outstanding communicators and this is a chance to not only hear from them….but cheer them on.


We’ll be showcasing some brand NEW music at V3 conference 2018. In fact, I’m excited to let you know that there’s an EP dropping around that time too!! This is all about discovering the sound of our house, something that’s becoming increasingly clear the more we journey on as a church.


Add to all that a great kids programme, MVMNT youth, specialised seminars and conference Sunday….V3 is going to be truly outstanding. Plan ahead. Book in. We’ve already got loads of people coming….so I’m not going to try to hard sell this. If you’ve caught our heart, you’ll be there. Simples.

This is going to be magnificent. 


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It’s better to be underestimated than overestimated. When expectations are too high and unrealistic, disappointment is inevitable. What’s really important is what happens behind the scenes. To be victorious in life, you must win here first.

The bible character who illustrates this best is King David. Before he became king, he was deeply underrated. This was something he’d experienced all his life. For example, when Samuel was looking for a new king in the land, all of David’s brothers were in line first before David was eventually chosen (1 Samuel 16). Years later, when the Philistine champion Goliath taunted and humiliated the armies of Israel, David’s offer to confront him was treated with complete scorn (1 Samuel 17). Then when he finally stood on the field to face Goliath, the colossal giant was insulted by a kid who he looked down upon with utter contempt. What infuriated Goliath all the more was the fact that David only had a sling and some stones, wearing none of the usual armour a soldier would carry. However, in those next few moments, history was made as an astonishing victory took place. With one stone, David hit the giant and subsequently defeated the Philistine armies. Wow. With one stone!!

So….was this a fluke? Was it luck? Not at all. Behind the scenes, David was totally prepared for this battle. What Goliath didn’t know was that David had already defeated a bear and a lion (1 Samuel 17:34). Furthermore, David was highly skilled in the art of sling throwing. It is said that David’s skill would have been so accurate that he could have hit a target from a significant distance and with incredible precision. So in reality, whilst David was perceived as the underdog, the real disadvantage lay with the nine foot giant. He was an easy target for David that day. David was more than happy to be seen as the underdog. You see, status didn’t matter to him. What really counted was victory.

Underdogs are underrated because they are perceived as weak. But the perception is often flawed. When people aren’t aware of the battles you’ve been through in life, they often underestimate what you’re made of.

Before we planted the Junction Church, we hosted a series of Sunday night meetings in a small village. On reflection, those two years were the toughest of our lives. In that short time, we dealt with virtually every issue it was possible for leaders to deal with. The pressure was great and it nearly broke us. I can’t begin to describe what we went through there. Yet as painful as it was, it was absolutely necessary we passed that test. When we went on to plant the Junction Church, we were prepared for what lay ahead. Why? Because we’d been through the fire and not only survived…but thrived. We gained invaluable experience which prepared us to build a community that would be strong and healthy. 

What happens behind the scenes of your life REALLY matters. If you want to live in a place of victory, then this must be fought for when no-one else is looking. The battle is in your mind. It’s also imperative to overcome the struggles in your heart. When we deal with these well, that’s when we’ll triumph in life. Nothing will be able to stop you. When you learn to win those unseen battles, they create a steel inside you which prepare you for your key moments. You see, the real victory happens when we win while no-one else is looking. 


Church Leicester

by Roy Todd

Lets talk about Jesus (my favourite subject!). He is the most compelling person the world has ever encountered. During his ministry, people flocked to listen to him.

Here are 7 reasons why he was so compelling…

1. He spoke “as one who had authority’

In other words, Jesus knew what he was talking about. This was unlike the confused message of the religious establishment who were all over the place. Yet in a world of confusion, his voice was crystal clear. Read more about this in Matthew 7:28-29.

2. He was relevant to people’s lives

The religious establishment tried to smear Jesus as a “friend of sinners” (Luke 7:34). But it unwittingly emphasised just how completely relevant he was (and how irrelevant they were). Jesus was a man of the people. He spoke a language they knew. They respected that.

3. He connected with people 

For example, Luke 19:1-10 tells the story of Zacchaeus, the chief tax collector. This man was as corrupt as they get. Yet when Jesus met him, he didn’t harshly confront him. Instead, he spent time with him. It must have been a compelling conversation as Zacchaeus emerged with a resolve to give his wealth to the poor and repay those he’d swindled. Result. 

4. He was a great story teller 

Jesus spent much of his time communicating through stories. Luke 15 is a great example of this. The religious establishment dismissed this as shallow and lacking substance. But they had no idea how to relate to people. Jesus did. People connect with people before they connect with truth. 

5. He empathised with people’s needs

You can see this in Matthew 8:3. Here, Jesus met a leper. During their conversation, he reached out and touched the sick man. This was an act of immense compassion by Jesus. After all, who would take the risk of touching diseased skin? Jesus did. He showed massive empathy, coming alongside a man in desperate need. 

6. He was vulnerable  

The shortest verse in the Bible is in John 11:35. It says “Jesus wept”. This was because his good friend Lazarus had died. Such a public expression of emotion was a demonstration that Jesus was profoundly touched by grief. He wasn’t cold and clinical. His vulnerability was actually a sign of strength. (READ A BLOG ABOUT THIS HERE)

7. He understood the power of appropriate silence

In John 8:1-11, the religious establishment confronted Jesus with the case of a woman caught in adultery. His response? Silence. Then, in a moment that could have been academy award winning, he invited any Pharisee who was without sin to be the first to throw a stone. They left. But Jesus stayed….cos that’s what Jesus does. (READ A BLOG ABOUT THIS HERE)


Read the Gospels for yourself, and you’ll see that religion was the enemy of everything Jesus was about. It still is. Jesus heart was warm and gracious towards people…and he was relevant to their lives. We could learn much from Jesus. 



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by Roy Todd

Recently, I was speaking at a Saturday evening conference meeting in Wales. Afterwards, we stayed in a hotel and planned to drive back early Sunday morning for church in Loughborough. However during the night, a sharp ache developed in one of my upper teeth. At first, I ignored it in the hope it might just go away. But it got progressively worse. So we tried to find an emergency dentist in the area who could offer help – but none was available until Monday evening!! Meanwhile, the toothache became unbearable, so much that we decided that it would be better to drive back home during the night and see if we could get an emergency dental appointment the following morning near where we live.

The next day, I was on the dentist’s chair at 8am. An X-ray quickly revealed that the toothache was caused by a nerve being pressed by one of my teeth. Suddenly, months of pain all made sense to me. You see…I’m that typical guy who lives in denial when it comes to getting medical stuff sorted out. I’d had discomfort for quite some time with this tooth, especially when I had very hot or cold drinks. A small issue had been causing me months of discomfort which all came to a head that Saturday evening in Wales. Yet in the space of 30 minutes, a dentist was able to identify the cause of my pain, and offer treatment for it.

It’s interesting how issues that remain undealt with in our lives don’t just go away. They actually grow and cause a lot of unnecessary pain. A hurt, an offence, unforgiveness, bitterness….they don’t just go away. They touch nerves and create more pain than we can often bear. That’s why people can sometimes overreact to challenging situations – because a nerve has been pressed that is deep under the surface. It has never really been treated.

When an issue touches a nerve in your life, have the courage to get to the root and find out why. Don’t just live with the symptoms in the hope they’ll disappear. They won’t…and they’ll keep coming back time and time again. But God can heal you and help you deal with the issue, no-matter how trivial it may seem. Submit it to him and allow his grace to set you free.



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by Roy Todd

In a nation that is as riven with divisions as ours, it’s refreshing to hear calls for unity growing ever louder. This is especially true of the UK Church. What better contrast to the apparent drifting apart of a nation than the coming together of the Church? 

However, one of the challenges with ‘unity’ is that while the intent behind it is honourable, it can so easily succumb to hysteria & rush. This is something which is never healthy for the long term. In the desire to model an alternative to the divisions of society, Church unity can end up being shallow, lacking authenticity & even appearing pretentious in the eyes of the very people it is meant to be reaching. 

When the surface of ‘unity’ doesn’t honestly acknowledge & address the deep undercurrents of toxicity lurking within it’s own waters, it accomplishes nothing. Unity is not an event. Nor is it even about church leaders meeting together for coffee, cakes & conferences. Great unity has everything to do with great culture, something which starts in the heart. It’s a lifestyle that genuinely champions & provokes others to greatness, far beyond the monotony of mere platitudes. It builds an environment where others can thrive instead of being suffocated by the self-righteous disapproval of religiosity.

No relationship can ever truly flourish in a culture that lacks affirmation. This tends to produce unhealthy unity, the kind that is more about what it’s against than for. Gossip is the glue that holds this kind of unity together. It is the most subtle killer of great culture in the Christian Church today, more so than is ever realised. Yet too often, it is given permission & acceptability, excused as mere small talk. Wise leaders understand that careless words are corrosive to great relationships. So they create a new normal in their everyday conversations, one that is disciplined in the art of building up rather than the crassness of tearing down. Ultimately, you reap what you sow.

The only way healthy church culture can ever truly develop is when leaders grow it in their hearts first. This challenges everything…demeanour, outlook, gossip, generosity, words, conversation, vibe. The weeds of cynicism get uprooted & replaced by the seeds of authentic faith. They take a while to plant and the growth can be slow, but what matters is that God looks at hearts, not gestures. This is where it all really begins and blessing is commanded.

When great culture grows on the inside, then great unity flourishes on the outside. The result? The city receives great life.

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I recently read an article which took aim at churches that pursue the value of excellence. The writer suggested church should be a messy environment reflecting the reality of a messed up world. Excellence, it was asserted, alienates people rather than connecting with them. 

Well, who could disagree with the importance of loving & reaching people where they’re at? But abandoning excellence is not the answer. Of course God accepts us as we are…but He loves us far too much to leave us that way.

I was born in west Belfast during the height of the Northern Irish troubles. I grew up in one of the most deprived areas in all of Europe. But what I observed during that time of conflict was the aspiration of a working class generation who dared to dream. They searched for something better than what they’d known up to then, resisting the patronising overtones of their middle class superiors which suggested they should “get used to the mess cos this is your lot”. So many of my peers sought to pursue a more excellent way because they longed to rise higher and go further in life. They had the audacity to believe for more..and so looked beyond the doldrums of despair toward a brighter future.

The point is…God never designed HIS church to pander to mediocrity, but rather to shine as a beacon of light in the fog of unbelief. As Paul says in 1 Cor 12:31, love offers ‘the most excellent way‘. We do a gross disservice to our towns and cities when we ever lower the bar and try to keep people where they are. That’s exactly what mediocrity does.

Excellence is a state of heart. It’s about doing the very best you can with what you have. It’s not about money. Nor is it about facilities and resource. It’s ALL about having a passion to help people reach their God given potential. A culture of excellence reflects the heart of a community which loves our world and wants to help others rise higher. We’ve seen this happen at the Junction Church over the past few years…where people have been so impacted by the culture that they’ve taken it into their families, schools, universities, work places & peer groups. Surely it’s this kind of gritty, everyday stuff that changes the world? Some call it ‘bringing the Kingdom’. We just call it ‘doing life well.’

If anywhere in the world ought to reflect excellence, it’s Church. It should never be thrown together in a shoddy, messy, untidy way. What inspiration is there in this? That’s why one of our values at the Junction Church is excellence…and we make no apology for it. It brings God glory when we create an environment that loves people, lifts their vision and helps them rise to greatness. That’s why excellence matters.


v3 conference leicester

by Roy Todd

Later this year, the Junction Church in Leicester and Loughborough is hosting our first ever conference. It’s called V3. This stands for Vision, Vibe & Values. The dates are Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th November 2017.

V3 is totally designed with you in mind. Our passion is to inspire you to be uncompromising in your pursuit of God’s purpose for your life. We’re bringing in some world class speakers who are friends of the house, people who we know will speak prophetically into your destiny & into the future of our church.

The conference itself will become an annual fixture in the Junction Church diary. At the heart of it is a desire to be both creative and gritty – inspirational and practical – contemporary and biblical. As our church continues to grow and we dare to venture into new territory, V3 will become a key focal point, a time when we come together as a church to remember WHY we do what we do. 

It’s easy to forget that the Junction Church is less than 5 years old. We don’t have a long history of families who’ve been connected with us over many decades. YOU are the history of this church. That means we have the incredible opportunity to influence future generations with authentic faith, courageous hope and real love. This is our time!

Point is, we’re far more interested in looking forwards than backwards. We dare to dream big and we make no apologies for it. It’s not about mere lip service…we’re already doing the business, influencing cities, carrying hope, challenging pre-conceptions about God & making a real difference to people’s lives. But we honestly believe there are far greater things yet to come.

That’s why we can’t wait to host V3 this November. Better still, we’re pumped about seeing you there!  Since places are limited, why don’t you go ahead and get yourself booked in today. This is going to do you SO much good!! 

To book into the V3 conference, click HERE.