Families & kids absolutely LOVE coming to the Junction Church! Our music is upbeat and the atmosphere is really positive, fun & enjoyable. It’s a brilliant way for kids to develop their own faith in Jesus & receive lots of encouragement. When mums & dads register their kids on Sunday’s, our kids team provide a really safe environment for their kids to enjoy themselves & have loads of fun! We think this is how church ought to be!

So….how does it all work?


Amy ChandlerAll our kids team are fully trained and DBS approved. They’re the ones wearing bright blue t-shirts! Registration opens 30 minutes before each Sunday service begins. This ensures everything runs smoothly and we can contact parents should we need to. It’s also a great way for your children to meet our brilliant kids team and enjoy some pre-service activities. The great thing about this is that mums & dads can enjoy a well earned coffee, knowing their kids will be well looked after!

Worship & kids church…

Junction ChurchWhen our main service begins, the kids accompany their parents into the auditorium – and join with all the other adults & children for our worship time. We think this is really important as it gives the kids an opportunity to learn some great upbeat songs and enjoy being in God’s presence. Then around 25 minutes into our main service, our Junction Kids program begins! The kids team lead the children to a really spacious area where they can be safe & have loads of fun.

Kids Streams…

We have four streams, each of which are based on the age the children. The logo’s for each stream represent an animal which links into our kids themes (we even have very our own elephant!!)


Ark is for kids aged 0 – 2. This is a parent and child centred stream where mums & dads can accompany their young children out of the service and spend some time in our fantastic play area. There they will get to chat to some of our kids team, be served hot drinks & nibbles and they can hear the Sunday’s message through a linked speaker. This means you won’t miss out on the service.

Sparks runs for children aged 2 – 4 and is a Bible based and fun curriculum which allows and empowers young toddlers to engage in the Bible with exciting crafts, games and activities. Since this will be among each child’s first experience of being away from their parents, we work to ensure this stream builds confidence with lots of encouragement and play. For us, this is really important.

Thrive is for children aged from Reception to Year 3. It aims to make the Bible relevant to the lives of the children – presenting it a way that engages them. Each week is packed full of Bible based crafts, games, stories and songs. It’s extremely fun and very energetic! We work to a brilliant curriculum which aims to help each child discover the bible for themselves and makes it fun and relevant to their lives.

Blaze is for children in Years 4 – 6. This stream is all about making the Bible fun and relevant to the children’s everyday lives! We totally get it…this season represents huge growth in the life of each child. For example, this is when many kids will transition from primary to secondary school. So we want to take them on a journey of faith, teaching them about their God-given value and creating a culture of genuine faith around them. Our heart is to encourage each child to become everything God has called them to be.


If you have toddlers, why not enjoy a drink in a special room we have for you? We totally get it. Being a parent is a massive privilege. It can also be challenging too. So our heart is to honour you and help your experience of church to be positive & enjoyable.


At the end…..

Junction ChurchAfter all our streams have finished their programmes, we then bring all the kids together to sing some great songs. This is a chance for the children to express their own worship to God through music, dance, actions and prayer. After this, the children are then collected from the kids team by their parents. 

Contact the Kids Team

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It is our desire at The Junction Church to provide a safe environment in which children and adults with additional care and support needs can develop physically, intellectually and spiritually.

Our staff and serving teams are trained and committed to work together to create and preserve a truly nurturing culture and environment. To that end we take safeguarding very seriously and have a dedicated team working in partnership with Thirty One Eight (previously known as CPAS), the only independent Christian safeguarding charity in the UK.

Below you will find both our policy and good practice guide as well as ways in which to contact the relevant people if you have a safeguarding concern or issue.