Hey! Just wanted to give you an update. We’ve simplified the name of our main event of the year. It’s now called VIBE – and it’s happening from Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th November. Vibe is something that is caught more than taught. So we want you to catch something life changing at this conference so you can carry it into your world.

What’s new for 2019? Well, for a start, it’s going to be a lot more interactive and accessible. We want VIBE 2019 to be as gritty and real as we can possibly make it. For example, Lydia & I will be sharing a sofa session called ‘Navigating Painful Seasons’. This will be a personal conversation about our own journey of life and leadership. We’ll sharing some things we’ve never really spoken about before, and how God helped us to navigate our way through them. We’re really praying and believing this will help a lot of people.

We’ve also got some world class speakers with us. Pastors Dave & Jenny Gilpin are two of the most influential leaders in our nation, having raised many daughters and sons in the faith who are changing their world today. We’re also excited to host Ps Tebo Mpanza, an outstanding communicator who will deposit a NOW word from heaven right into your life. I know you’re going to love this!!!

We’ll be introducing some new worship songs as well. Gord Kawuma and the team are working on these even as I write!! Plus there will be lots of creativity and a few surprises along the way too.

I would LOVE you to get booked into VIBE conference today. Just make the decision and do it. Let’s break the last minute culture and get in there first. As a leader, that’s who I’m always looking for. VIBE conference is a date with destiny – 16 & 17 November. I want you there because our heart is to champion your God given potential. It’s just £10 for the weekend. Booking is SO easy. Bring a whole bunch of friends and family with you. Go on….book in TODAY!!! CLICK HERE