The 2017 Oscar ceremony will be remembered for just one thing…THAT moment when ‘La La Land’ was wrongly announced winner of the ‘best motion picture’. What made this so toe curlingly dreadful was that acceptance speeches had been made, tears were shed and everybody and their granny had been duly thanked. It was the usual old Oscar fodder up to this point. But then came the rush of commotion, the confused appearances, the realisation that something was very wrong, the shocked eyes, the looks of intolerable gloom… and then the announcement. Ohhhh my. ‘La La Land’ hadn’t won at all. The winner was actually a low budget film called ‘Moonlight’. What a night for them!

As the ‘La La Land cast were humiliatingly marched off stage, the ‘Moonlight’ cast were beckoned on to it, collecting their trophy with admirable dignity in an atmosphere of absolutely stunned amazement. This moment will undoubtedly be talked about for years to come.

It has since emerged that two people were responsible for the fiasco. Their names are Brian & Martha. It was their job to ensure that the right ‘winner’ envelope was given to the announcers. However, something went wrong…very wrong. Brian and Martha have since been fired and banned from attending all future Oscar ceremonies. They have been harshly vilified by some in the media, even having to hire bodyguards because of threats which have been made against them and their families. Yup, for real.

I actually feel really sorry for Brian & Martha. Sure, they made a mistake. But hey, haven’t we all? If this had been any other job, it would have gone relatively unnoticed and been quickly forgotten. However, because this is about important people in Hollywood feeling humiliated and upset, Brian & Martha have paid a heavy price. It’s never wise to mess with ego’s that big. They don’t do forgiveness.

Actually, all of us can sometimes feel a bit like Brian and Martha at the Oscars. You mess up, you say the wrong thing, you make a mistake, you feel rubbish…you’ve been there….right? Welcome to the club. But what’s REALLY great to know is that we serve a God whose grace is big enough to forgive us when we miss the mark. He knows the worst about us and yet he still loves us, cares for us and accepts us. In a world of gracelessness, why don’t you take some time to thank God for his grace. In the end, no-matter what has happened, HIS grace is all that really matters. Phew!