In Genesis 1, God observed that everything was good apart from one thing. It wasn’t good to be alone. Think about it, in the utopia of creation, loneliness was a problem. It still is today. That’s why community is so important. None of us were designed to do life on our own. We were created to do life together.

There is an inherent need in every person to be part of a community. Of course, being part of a community isn’t always easy and has it’s challenges. After all, we all have different ways of doing things, different expectations, different ways of seeing things etc. Sometimes it can be a real challenge to work through those differences. But facing that challenge is the only way we will ever learn to truly thrive on this journey called ‘life’. The alternative is to go through life on your own. This might seem like an easier option in the short term – but in the long term,it isn’t healthy. It eventually leads to isolation and regret – and it’s not what God designed us for. The truth is that for any of us to reach anything like our full potential, we need others around us who can help bring out the best in us.

Being a part of a community challenges us in so many ways. For example, when you’re alone, it’s easy to love people theoretically. But the only way you can learn to truly love others is when you spend time with them. Then, there’s the challenging of working through the flaws, dealing with the prejudices of our own hearts and journeying with people through good and bad times. When you approach it with the right attitude, what happens on that journey is truly remarkable – even miraculous. You discover what love really is all about. It’s more than goose bumps and nice feelings –but something that is tangible, practical and real. This only comes when we learn what it means to live in community. It brings out the best in others – and it brings out the best in you!

The best way to do life is…together. Whatever you do, go for God’s best. Being part of a local church like the Junction Church will massively help you. Get stuck in with a ‘give’ attitude rather than a ‘take’ attitude…and the result is that everybody wins!