in persuit of the miraculous


The Bible is full of miraculous stories. In the Old Testament, time and again, God worked miraculously -parting the red sea, bringing supernatural provision for his people and even sending fire from Heaven – to mention but a few.

In the New Testament, over a quarter of the four Gospels deal with stories of miracles in the ministry of Jesus. If the amount of space an author takes to write about a particular theme is an indication of the importance of the theme, then for the writers of the Gospels, miracles must have been highly significant.

For Christians, the idea of miracles is not an optional extra. After all, the very foundation of the Christian faith is based on a miracle – the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Without this, Christians have no hope.

So, is it reasonable to expect miracles today? Do they still happen? If so, how can we see more?

These questions and much more are addressed in this highly readable book written by Roy Todd. Roy points out that Jesus certainly encouraged his disciples to anticipate miraculous accompaniments as they communicated his good news. For example, in Mark 16:17-18 he emphasizes five miraculous signs that ‘will accompany those who believe’.

So if we accept that miracles do happen today, how might we see more of the miraculous in the twenty-first century? How can they be experienced? Just what kind of faith is needed for them to happen?

Are there hindrances that can stop them occurring and if so, what are they?
Perhaps you need a personal miracle. Maybe it’s a desire to help someone else receive one?

This book is written by a man who has travelled the world pursuing these very questions. It’s down to earth, highly inspiring and thoroughly readable. The book’s foreword is written by Canon J John and endorsed by Bishop David Carr and Stuart Bell.