We get it. Going off to uni is a massive change in your life. Yup, it’s exciting. But it’s also pretty daunting too. Sometimes, it can even feel a bit lonely. BUT you never have to do life on your own. We want to be a home away from home for you. Here at the Junction Church Nottingham, we value students very highly. In fact, you’ll rarely hear us refer to you as a student. See, for us, you’re just part of the fam. We offer LOADS to help you grow and develop in your faith – hangouts, socials, worship nights, leadership development, courses, teaching on theology, conferences….the list just goes on and on. We could try and explain all we do. But in the end, you just have to experience it for yourself. It would be totally worth checking us out.


The Junction Church has campuses in three locations and we’re pioneering a brand new Nottingham church over the next few years! We want students to be at the heart of this. So if you’re a student in Nottingham who is into fresh starts and new beginnings, and you’re excited about playing your part in pioneering a brand new community, then you will LOVE the Junction Church!! 

church nottinghamWe’re a bit creative, a tad quirky and we’re not particularly into ‘religion’. For us, it’s all about a living relationship with Jesus rather than the tedium of a tired routine. Church is not an exclusive club either. It’s a place to do life, to get inspired, to grow in faith and to change the world. Everybody is welcome here. Our vibe is positive and upbeat. That doesn’t mean we’re shallow. No way. But it means that we dare to believe in God’s best, even through life’s challenges. Besides, everybody needs some encouragement along the way!!

church in nottinghamWe already have two other Junction Church campuses which are really flourishing. One of them meets just up the road in the university town of Loughborough. The other gathers in Leicester city centre. Both are absolutely thriving with student life. In fact, there are literally 100s of students connecting into the life of our church!! We’re passionate about championing you to become everything God has called you to be. Students aren’t there to make up numbers. We believe students are magnificent and are intrinsically valuable to everything we do. We want to be your biggest cheer leaders!!



Here’s what some of our current say about the Junction Church Nottingham.

All our current team leaders are graduates who loved the vibe so much that they’ve decided to stick around the area so they can continue to be part of what God is doing. We’d love to meet you, catch your heart and find our how we can help you play your part. Interested? Email: – and let us know!

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