There are lots of amazing churches in Nottingham, and we really love the variety each of them bring to the city. Like many of those churches, we’re an evangelical, spirit filled community which believes the bible and takes faith seriously. So what does the Junction Church offer that is a distinctive experience? 


church nottinghamWell, for a start, we’re passionate about connecting church with the unchurched. Truth is, 95% of Nottingham doesn’t go to church because they think it’s not really for them. Yet many of that 95% have some kind of belief in God. So everything we do at the Junction Church is about reaching out to them. Our heart is to create the friendliest, most positive, most loving environment in town. We say…whoever you are, wherever you’re from and whatever you’ve been through in life, ‘WELCOME HOME’.


church in nottinghamOur worship is fresh, contemporary and creative. Many of the songs we sing are original works written by the Junction collective. This is a collaboration of musicians and singers who are part of the church creative community. Our music reflects the sound of a generation – passionate, upbeat and fresh. Find out more HERE.


churches in nottinghamOne of our other distinctives is our grittiness. For us, faith has to be real and authentic rather than just theoretical. So we talk about the stuff which happens in every day life, and how we can handle it – the good, the bad & the ugly. We also laugh..a lot…because God’s news is good news. That doesn’t mean we gloss over suffering. Far from it. It’s just that we have this irrepressible conviction that no matter what is happening in this life, there is hope. That’s what we believe.


church in nottinghamCulture simply means’ our way of doing things’. So the Junction Church Nottingham is encouraging, faith-filled, fresh and welcoming. For us, we want to be the most encouraging place in the city. Our conviction is that when there’s a culture of encouragement, people flourish. Read a blog about this HERE.


If any of this resonates with you and you’d like to be part of the story, get in touch. Email: