Junction Church Leicester

Our Sunday service is at 2:30pm and lasts just under an hour. For directions to the venue, click HERE. Meanwhile, here’s what to expect…


church leicesterWe totally ‘get’ how completely daunting it can feel when you turn up at a new church for the first time! Meeting new faces, experiencing a different ‘style’ of worship and then trying to take it all in can feel a bit overwhelming. So we are committed to ensuring that the atmosphere of the Junction Church Leicester is encouraging, positive, uplifting and friendly. Everything we do is down to earth and relevant to your everyday life. 


church in leicesterWhen you arrive at Oadby Youth Centre, you’ll be warmly welcomed by one of our team. They’ll help you feel comfortable, introduce you to some people and then show you where to go for the service.




junction church leicesterThe service itself starts with worship. At the moment, this is acoustic led and pretty chilled. We sing a range of songs including some from Hillsong. However, we also sing a number of our own material, written by the Junction Church worship collective. These are growing in number and we’re excited about our debut album which was recently released.


church leicesterAfter singing some worship songs for around 10-15 mins, the service host will then come up and guide us through what’s going to be happening during the rest of the service. They will also mention relevant information about courses, upcoming events and conferences that we’re hosting. 



church leicesterNext, an offering will be received. This is really chilled. It’s simply an opportunity for people to support what we do. We never pressurise people into giving. We just encourage those who are part of our church community to prayerfully help us cover our costs and sow into the vision.



church leicesterAs the offering is being received, you can sit back and watch Junction Church News. This is shown on the screen. We produce this each week and post it on our website. It’s just far more interesting than someone just standing there making a bunch of announcements. Everything on our church news is produced in house…even the soundtrack!!



church leicesterNext up, is our Sunday message. This lasts around 20 minutes. It is always biblical engaging and relevant. This is usually given by one of our team, or from guest speaker who we invite in from time to time. At the end of the talk, there is always opportunity for people to respond.



Finale & Hangout

church leicesterWe always finish off our services with a great, upbeat song to send us into the week ahead. When the service officially finishes, we then hangout over drinks and cakes (usually home baked!). This is a really great way of meeting new people and catching the vibe of our church. 


What about kids?

If you want to bring your kids along to church on Sunday, we will make sure they have an AMAZING hour with us. Our kids team are primed and ready with a great kids programme. They’ll chat with you on arrival.


For more on why we do what we do, click HERE