Music plays a huge part in the life of the Junction Church. It’s creative, current and contemporary. Our worship collective are presently working on an EP of original songs which will be released this November in time for the V3 conference. More details about this soon. 

albumMeanwhile, we’re releasing a great NEW instrumental album called ‘VIBE’. This is a collection of music written by our collective. It was originally intended as a soundtrack for our weekly church news productions. However, we thought we’d release it as an album in case anyone wants to download it. It makes a great sound for the long hot summer ahead! Perfect background music for those holiday journeys, for when you’re at the gym, for BBQ’s with friends & family, for studying or if you’re just wanting to chill!! The album is upbeat, positive, quirky, creative, fresh and totally original. We wanted to create a sound that reflects the vibe of our church. This album will be officially released on 29/07/17 and is available on iTunes HERE.



VIBE: album preview (EXTRACTS)

downloads this album HERE.



The video below is a rough recording of a song recently written by our worship collective called ‘Hope Will Arise‘. This is sometimes sung at our main Sunday services. We’ll be re-recording it and releasing it on an album of great new & original worship songs this November. More details about this soon. 



This is another rough demo of a song which will feature on the album later this year. This is called ‘What a Friend’. It captures the simplicity and joy of doing life as a friend of God.  


We’ll be producing more albums over the coming years. At the heart of everything we do is our love for God and a passion to create music that connects with people’s lives today.  If you’re a musician or singer interested in serving on team with some other great people who are all committed to serving, click HERE.