The Junction Church has links with a number of church networks in the UK. This means we are connected to something that is bigger than ourselves and which is hugely beneficial for our church.

These include:

The Hillsong Network – a group of churches which relate to Hillsong, each of which is fully autonomous.

The Assemblies of God – our senior pastor Roy Todd has held full ministerial credentials with AoG for 20 years. This is one of the major pentecostal denominations in the UK.

For legal accountability, the Junction Church is overseen by a board of trustee’s who ensure the smooth running of all practical & financial aspects of the church. Our charity number is 1128959. The trustee’s are:

  • Brian Niblock – former bank chairman and pastor
  • Paul Bevan – Leadership team member at Trent Vineyard, Nottingham
  • Carolyn Bean – HR manager and business director
  • Chloe Williams – currently working in finance for a major retail company

The Junction Church is led by Roy & Lydia Todd. Their ministry is respected across many networks & denominations where they regularly speak and give input, including churches throughout the UK and in north America. As well as serving the Junction Church, they also travel over a number of weekends throughout each year to serve churches with which they are in relationship. Their ministry involves speaking at events & conferences, meeting with senior leaders and supporting leadership teams. This not only helps the churches they visit but it also benefits the Junction Church too, helping us gain a wider perspective and learning from others so we can strengthen & build healthy culture into our own church community.

For personal accountability, pastors Roy & Lydia have a group of external advisors to whom they submit themselves and receive regular advice & input. These are:

Dr Scott Wilson – known as ‘the church doctor’, Scott is highly regarded by many church leaders around the world.
Steve & Angie Campbell – senior pastors of C3 church in Cambridge.