VISION DAY (September 2019)


    The Junction Church is a thriving community made up of ordinary every day people from all walks of life. We are one of new breed of contemporary Pentecostal churches rising up in our nation where faith is strong and the bible taken seriously. We are ONE church that meets in three locations – Loughborough, Leicester & Nottingham. However, we’re called to plant even more campuses in other cities too. Everything about who we are can be summed up in one line: LOVING GOD, LOVING LIFE, LOVING PEOPLE.


    Every church has it’s own unique culture – or as we called it, ‘vibe‘. At the Junction Church, our vibe is fresh, upbeat & young at heart. We do encouragement, not discouragement. We do faith, not cynicism. We do positivity, not negativity. We do relationship, not religiosity. We do hope, not doom. We do passion, not passivity. We do building up, not tearing down. We do love, not hate. We do real, not fake. We do life, not lifelessness. We do servanthood, not selfishness. We do community, not cliques. This is who we are.


    Vision is about seeing & shaping the future. Our vision is to build a world class church for the glory of God. The church we see is thriving with life & optimism. The Church we see dares to pursue outrageous dreams. The church we see is brimming with families who are flourishing in faith, hope & love. The church we see champions kids & young people to serve God & dream the impossible. The church we see honours the older generation & believes they have an important role to play. The church we see is a community where students & young professionals are planted & flourishing. The church we see loves & cares for those who society has left behind. The church we see is bursting with creative & contemporary worship. The church we see is planting campuses in towns & cities across the UK & around the world. This is the church we see.


    So why are we called the Junction Church? Well, a junction is a place where roads come together. That’s a bit like our church. It’s a community where people who are on different journeys, from all walks of life, come together to get inspired, equipped and encouraged to live out their faith in everyday life. We value lots of things at the Junction Church. However, we’ve whittled it down to the 5 we value most. These are the foundation of everything we do and they represent the essence of who we are: 1) The Bible – God’s book that reveals his heart for us 2) The Holy Spirit – who empowers us to live our faith 3) Generosity – because God ‘gave’ his all for us 4) Excellence – serving people with our very best 5) Honour – choosing to act and speak well of each other