BROTHERHOOD BUTTONBrotherhood is the men’s ministry of the Junction Church in Loughborough and Leicester. Our passion is to raise up a generation of men who dare to step out in faith and have the audacity to live for a cause that is bigger than themselves. Brotherhood is a place for the men of the

Junction Church to get together over food and talk openly & honestly about stuff which we often think about but rarely ever talk about! Yet there’s nothing more powerful than when men stand together, have each other’s backs & spur one another on to reach our God-given potential. That’s exactly what Brotherhood is all about. 

brotherhoodOur theme for the 2016/17 season is ‘KEEPING IT REAL’. We’re going to be getting together over the year to chat through a number of specific issues which we think lots of guys grapple with. We say…if you’re struggling, that’s ok. If life is going good for you, that’s ok too. If you’re not sure what to do next, that’s fine. If you’re going through a tough season, no problem. We’re not here to judge you. We’re not here to condemn you. We’re not here to add to your stress either. Far from it. We’re simply here to let you know that you’re not on your own. Brotherhood is marked by honesty, authenticity, vulnerability and courage. The dates for Brotherhood 2016-17 are below. Each Brotherhood gathering is £5 which covers all your food, drinks and venue hire. You can book in by clicking the paypal icon below and then follow the simple online instructions. 




Saturday 1st July – Praying together at Mount Saint Bernard.

It has become a bit of a brotherhood tradition that we finish off the year by getting together at Mount Saint Bernard abbey. Here, we spend some time thinking about a passage from the bible and praying together. Whatever you do, don’t miss this.


Listen to a talk on purity (the nature of this talk means it deals with adult themes. We strongly advise listener discretion.)


BROTHERHOOD: prayer, encouragement & accountability

If you're part of brotherhood and you'd like some of our team to stand with you in prayer for anything at all, just let us know here.