John Maxwell once observed that ‘everything rises or falls on leadership’. True as that is though, it’s one thing to know the theory of leadership – but quite something else to actually show leadership. In the Church, leadership starts and ends with love – the kind that works it’s butt off so that others can rise to fulfil their God given potential. 

Bad leadership is selfish, indecisive and lazy, only doing that which is convenient and self serving. It is mainly interested in competing for power and position without carrying the real weight of responsibility. However, this ultimately creates unhealthy culture which eventually drives good people away. After all, who wants to be around that?

Good leadership is about quietly getting on with it – high capacity, low maintenance, profoundly secure, developing strong initiative, resolving to learn & get better, reading the road ahead, spotting the potential pitfalls, steering away from pointless crisis & creating an environment where people can flourish. 

In essence, the less noticed the leader is, the better the leader. You see, its behind the scenes where great leaders cultivate great culture. They’re not looking for adulation or applause (only insecure ego’s search for that). The best leaders have a ‘just get on with it’ mindset and they are the living example of everything they speak about. They ai for excellence and do it with gladness because the cause they live for is far bigger than themselves. 

This is the kind of leadership we’re passionate about raising up at the Junction Church – gritty, real, creative, high calibre & committed to growing. It loves people enough to build an environment where others can prosper. The ultimate example of this kind of leadership? Jesus. He is our inspiration.