No organisation will ever thrive in a low trust culture. It stunts growth, prevents progress and brings out the worst in other people. Just look around our society and you’ll see the effects of distrustfulness every day. This kind of cultural climate is precipitated by clouds of suspicion which hang sinisterly overhead, undermining confidence and empowering fear. 

If any group of people on earth should model a culture of high trust, it’s God’s people. After all, our message is all about faith, right? But trust is something which is built. That’s why James said ‘Faith without works is dead‘ (James 2:17). 

Here are seven traits that help create a culture of trust in your life:


This is not just about being open to correction, but actively seeking input that will help you get better. Maintaining a teachable spirit not only keeps you fresh but bridges trust with others.


C S Lewis once observed that ‘humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.’ Imagine the kind of trust that would be built if ego and pride were taken out of the equation? 


Consistency is what creates credibility. The secret of building lasting trust is to keep doing the right thing long enough. Showing up matters. Faithfulness matters. These things build trust.


Going rogue without being answerable is one of the surest ways to undermine people’s trust. Keeping yourself accountable is about integrity. Submission doesn’t hold you back, it enhances you.


All the ability in the world is meaningless without reliability. When you become a rock solid person who does what they say they’ll do and keeps their word, this builds powerful trust.


Freedom doesn’t happen by everybody just doing their own thing. This actually creates a chaotic culture in which people don’t feel safe. Taking personal responsibility and not blaming others – that’s how you build trust. 


Good intent is admirable. But being intentional is what helps build trust. It means planning ahead. It means respecting people enough to prepare in advance. This helps people understand you love them. When this happens, trust thrives.