Character and Charisma are like good friends who thrive off each other. One is about ability and the other is to do with integrity. If Charisma is like the car key, then character is what keeps the vehicle on the road.  While charisma is what God imparts to us, character is something we must develop ourselves. 

It’s a bit like the difference between the gifts of the Spirit (1 Cor 12) and the fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5). ‘Gifts’ are manifested through us, but ‘fruit’ is what is grown within us. 

So how does character help charisma reach it’s potential? And how do we develop character? The answer is…by being committed to living a Spirit filled life, allowing God to do a deep work in our hearts so we become more like Jesus. This is about teachability, accountability, attitude, patience, endurance & love. When Charisma and Character work side by side, a creative synergy happens which is potent and powerful in the long term.

The challenge for many highly gifted people is their lack of character. This is seen in numerous spheres of life from politics, entertainment, music and church…yes church! There’s something compelling and almost spellbinding about a person of great charisma. The pizazz they create is often sensational. In the moment, they are a wonder to behold. However, without character, charisma only has a short shelf life. What might appear to be a world changing phenomena can very suddenly come to an end and be quickly forgotten. How many amazingly charismatic people do you know who never reached their potential because their lack of character badly let them down?

In a sense, the basic gifting you need is already there. You are actually a lot more gifted than you probably even realise. But it is character that all of us need to work on. Character is less sexy than charisma – but it’s crucially important.

Why does character matter?

– Character helps you stand the test of time

– Character protects you from impetuosity

– Character enables you to live for the long term

– Character stops you believing your own publicity

– Character keeps you on track

Why don’t you take some time today and ask yourself what area’s of your character you need to work on? It’s the tough questions like this that can change your life and help you realise your full God given potential.