We’re now well into the season of lent. This is a time when many Christians opt to give up things as Easter approaches. For some it might be a particular food they enjoy, like chocolate. For others it might be TV or social media (if it’s the latter, you won’t read this until after Easter – ha!).

This is all well and good. However, I’d like to suggest that giving up chocolate altogether for lent is about as helpful as a poke in the eye. Same with social media. Sure, don’t let any of these things dominate your life – but don’t take them THAT seriously either. The occasional look at FaceBook isn’t going to kill you, especially when you’re eating a Malteser or two in the process!

This lent, there are other things that we’d be far better giving up. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to just quit them altogether. Here are four of them:

1) Negativity

Some people think that negativity is the same as honesty. They’re not the same at all. One sees the worst. The other searches for the best. Be honest. But quit being negative. It’s no good.

2) Cynicism

This is one of the greatest enemies of faith. It’s suspicious. It questions motives. It’s distrustful. But it produces horrible low trust culture where nothing ever gets done. Remember, if you sow it, you WILL reap it yourself. So quit it.

3) Bad Attitudes

Think about it…people give up chocolate for lent because sugar is meant to be bad for us, right? Yet bad attitudes are just as bad for us, even worse actually. Think about it…a little chocolate won’t harm you. But a little bad attitude WILL. So why not just give up bad attitudes altogether? Refusing to pander to selfishness is always a wise decision.

4) Gossip

Gossip is like a toxin…it kills relationships. There is never any virtue in it…EVER. Besides, if you really need to know something THAT badly, why not just graciously ask the source? You might even get an answer. Problem is…gossip doesn’t really want to know the real answer. It just likes to gossip. So best to ditch it. Speak life instead.

It’s time to quit the nonsense this lent. Eat whatever you want (within reason!!). Just give up the stuff that’s hindering you from being everything God has called you to be.

Happy Easter!