The term ‘out of the box’ is sometimes used to describe a way of thinking which breaks with conventional wisdom and dares to be different. People who consider themselves ‘radical’ often take great encouragement when they’re described this way. 

However, there is a fundamental problem with thinking ‘out of the box’. There is no box. It doesn’t exist nor has it ever existed. It is a figment of imagination, a self imposed limitation which only dwells in the world of it’s own thought life.

Most of our limitations are myths of the mind. When we ‘think out of the box’, we end up trying too hard to conquer limitations which aren’t actually there, congratulating ourselves in the process for this incredible feat of genius. But rather than accomplishing something great, ‘out of the box’ thinking tends to become fixated on theory rather than practice – philosophising rather than realising. In the end, little or nothing is actually achieved. It’s more about proving something to ourselves than accomplishing something of genuine significance.

Most truly ‘radical’ people have never really thought of themselves as radical. It’s rare to hear such a thinker describe themselves as ‘out of the box’. They are pragmatic in the main, thinking normally and practically about how they can get things done. It’s this contrast which makes them appear radical in a world of negativity that stifles possibility.

In his ministry, the thing which Jesus spoke most about was ‘the Kingdom’. In simple, practical terms, this is all about learning to make God’s reality our reality here on earth. It is for this reason He taught us to pray ‘Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven‘. In other words, the things which God values become what we value. Whatever God is passionate about, we become passionate about too.

Instead of thinking ‘out of the box’, it’s better to just think ‘Kingdom’. This way, radical becomes normal, supernatural becomes natural and extra-ordinary becomes ordinary. With our God, ALL things are possible.