Don’t you just love Valentines Day? It’s that annual opportunity to view those lovely photographs of picture perfect couples on Instagram with their fancy filters, cheesy smiles and designer clothes, all presenting the ideal image of relational bliss – awwwwww, lovely. 

Ok. Now I’m about to go off key in the midst of all the Valentines day schmooze. Here goes…. True love is about far more than presenting a perfect image & playing happy couples. Social media is great, but don’t mistake it for real. It’s not. By the way, that gorgeous couple you saw on Instagram earlier today probably had a massive row just before the picture was uploaded! Uh huh.

Now for some real talk. Relationships require work. They’re mostly unglamorous. They thrive off selflessness. They involve mundane behind the scenes stuff that nobody else gets to see. Yet it’s in the unspectacular where true love is forged – the kind of real deal love that stands the test of time. ‘Love’ that’s just based on appearance doesn’t last. Image obsession and approval addiction both add an unbearable pressure to a relationship that eventually ends up crushing it. They rob relationships of the blessing of being real, being authentic, being normal.

Ordinary is vastly underrated. In a world where everything has to be extra-ordinary, just be ordinary. Stop trying to be incredible and just be credible. Be faithful. Be consistent. Be true. These things are so refreshing in a world of self obsession. When you take the pressure off yourself, that’s when you’ll flourish. And others will too.

By the way, did you know that Valentine was actually martyred for his faith? Sounds like selfless love to me.