It was John Maxwell who said that ‘everything rises or falls on leadership‘. Leaders sets the tone and create the example that others follow. This can either be good or bad. Here are ten straight up traits of good & bad leadership….

1)  Good leaders empower others. Bad leaders control others.
2)  Good leaders inspire hope. Bad leaders instil fear.
3)  Good leaders bring clarity. Bad leaders cause confusion.
4)  Good leaders are optimistic. Bad leaders are pessimistic.
5)  Good leaders protect. Bad leaders expose.
6)  Good leaders lift people up. Bad leaders pull people down.
7)  Good leaders look forward. Bad leaders look backward.
8)  Good leaders create healthy culture. Bad leaders create a toxic culture.
9)  Good leaders champion the next generation. Bad leaders criticise the next generation.
10)Good leaders leave a legacy. Bad leaders leave a mess.