Hebrews 10:9 says, ‘He sets aside the first to establish the second’. The context of this verse is to do with a transition from the old testament to the new. Old covenant law could not save us, only God’s grace can do that. So Christ came to establish a better way and this is essentially what the book of Hebrews is all about.

Yet there is something profoundly relevant about this particular phrase, especially when you’re transitioning from one season into another. Looking back, no doubt the past will have had moments of joy you celebrated as well as challenges you’ve had to negotiate. However, whatever has gone before, a new season is a time to set aside the past in order to move forward into the future. Time doesn’t wait for anybody. As much as there’s wisdom in learning lessons from the tougher experiences, it’s never wise to spend too long ruminating over them. The latter tends to exaggerate challenging seasons above what they deserve and can develop into an unhealthy obsession.

Setting aside the past requires grace and humility. It means some things need to be left behind. Here are a few of them:

Hurts – There’s an old saying which says that ‘hurt people hurt people‘. So no point carrying hurts with you into the future. Ask God to give you a grace to forgive, just as He did with you. There’s freedom in forgiveness.

Disappointments – So ok, maybe some things didn’t work out for you as you’d hoped. Learn what you can from them and let go. There are new opportunities ahead.

Grievances – Victim thinking is one of the most limiting & faith destroying things that can fester in a person’s life. The enemy wants you to hold on to it. God wants you to let go. Guess who has your best interests at heart? Better to let go then.

Attitudes – Let go of stinking thinking. In other words, attitudes you might have developed that are dishonouring and damaging. Read Phil 2:5-11 to find out about the kind of attitude God wants us to develop.

Cynicism – This is a nasty mind filter which contaminates thoughts, words and actions. Cynicism gives up on others very quickly, judging them and condemning them without grace and compassion. Let go of this before it develops any further. It’s seriously bad for your faith.

Failures – Remember, failure is not the end. If you’ve still got breath in your being, then there’s hope for you. Get up, freshen yourself and start again. Be sure not to wallow in self pity.

God has a plan. Our job, as Christians, is to follow Him. He knows what He is doing. Don’t let past issues determine your future. When this happens, it becomes a hindrance to the joy of today and the blessing of tomorrow. A new season is a time to resolve in your heart that the old has gone and the new has come. God has set aside the first in order to establish the second. Therefore lean totally into His grace. This is all you really need. 



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