If I could offer you a piece of advice as we enter 2017, it would be this; whatever happens this year, don’t be THAT person who makes too many drama’s out of life. It’s easy to do it, especially on social media. However as much as they might provide some short term distraction from the real issues of the heart, ultimately they undermine trust, especially in the moment when you genuinely need it. They also create mountains out of molehills, exaggerating problems so much that they end up forming your identity, trapping you in a facade which eventually takes it’s toll.

There are three key components to a drama:

The Villain – this is the individual who is responsible for causing the ‘problem’.

The Victim – this is the person who has been hard done by – innocent, saintly, blameless.

The Vendetta – this is the bit where twists & turns develop, conspiracy theories are formed and conclusions are drawn about ‘why’ so many people have it in for you.

Ok…now let’s leave the drama and just be real. This stuff is great for the stage but life is just not like that.

Making major drama’s out of your dilemma’s – that’s unhelpful.
Turning every person you disagree with into a villain – that’s unfair.
Claiming victimhood in every challenge you face – that’s unwise.
Forming conspiracy theories about why you feel the way you do – that’s unfounded.

The art of doing life as a believer in Jesus is to navigate it’s challenges with grit & grace. Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes, tough things happen which are unjust and unfair. God never guaranteed an easy journey. But he does promise to be with us. That’s all we really need to know. It’s this quiet confidence that will sustain you through every challenge. Leave the drama’s to the stage.


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