When it comes to the art of decision making, it’s good to have a thinking mind, a prayerful heart and an eye to the future. Giving careful thought to the implications of our choices is always a wise reflection. It’s true that none of us can know exactly where a path will lead. But the Holy Spirit does – and He is a brilliant travel companion whose expert guidance for the journey is second to none. Listening out for His voice can literally save your life and lead you to amazing blessing. He has this incredible way of encouraging you when you’re on the right path and alerting you when you’re on the wrong one. Ultimately, he WANTS you to succeed!

There are some paths which wise people will want to avoid as they lead to destinations which are never helpful. Here are five of them:

The Path of Emotionalism

This path begins with what ‘feels’ right in the moment. But feelings are fickle and it is never wise to base permanent decisions on temporary emotions. There are countless stories of people who have followed this path and ended up in a place of regret because of it.

The Path of Sentimentalism

This path travels backwards and tries to recapture the good old days. Problem is, those ‘good old days’ where never actually that good. Sentimental living always ends in disappointment because the reality is that life moves forward, not back. Times change and people move on. 

The Path of Impetuousness

This path is filled with impulsive people who only wish they’d taken a moment longer so they could have chosen a better one. To be impetuous is to give little or no thought to the consequences of our choices. That’s what happens on this path.

The Path of Impatience

This path is full of talented and ambitious people who gave into panic and despair. But far from being a pathway of faith & life, it’s a selfish & graceless struggle up hilly climbs and rough terrain, requiring massive effort and offering little or no satisfaction.

The Path of Bitterness

This is a path which hurt people walk. Disappointed and angry at other people in their lives, they proceed to follow this long, dark, painful journey that is filled with unedifying echoes, unhelpful ruminations and which eventually leads to loneliness, regret and despair. No-matter how tough life gets, it is NEVER wise to walk this path.

Here’s a better path…

There is a path which is always good to choose though. It’s called ‘the path of least regret’. When I’m faced with major decisions in my own life, I always ask God to show me where this path is. As I’ve followed it, I have often discovered God’s wisdom on it, even if I haven’t completely understood the journey. The path of least regret focuses the mind toward the implications and responsibilities of our decisions – and protects us from following other paths which lead to unhelpful destinations. Next time you’re faced with a major decision in your life, take a moment to ask the Holy Spirit to show you this path. You won’t regret it.