Recently, a couple who have been with us since the Junction Church was first planted in Loughborough came to speak to Lydia & myself after one of our Sunday services. In their usual quiet and unassuming manner, they spoke encouraging and loving words over us and reaffirmed that God had called them to stand with us in the adventure of pioneering a new church in Loughborough, Leicester and wherever else God should call us in the future.

The conversation deeply impacted me, far more than I might have expected. It ignited a renewed sense of faith in my heart. I later reflected on why I felt this way and came to the realisation that the reason why this couple were a gift to our lives is because of WHO they are. They are low maintenance people. Their track record speaks volumes of faithfulness, consistency and love. They quietly get on with it behind the scenes, never making a fuss or expecting anything in return. They’ve never caused us problems nor have they ever complained when they had every reason to. They are more valuable to us than pure gold as we seek to lead our church into God’s purpose.

Low maintenance people are a blessing to the lives of others. Here are 10 reasons why:

1) They’re refreshing – not draining
2) They’re encouraging – not discouraging
3) They’re positive – not negative
4) They quietly get on with it – not crying our for attention
5) They’re a blessing – not a distraction
6) They fight for you – not against you
7) They’re teachable – not argumentative
8) They take delight in responsibility – not pleasure in apportioning blame
9) They do blessing – not complaining
10) They’re into giving – not getting

If you want to be a blessing to the lives of others, be a low maintenance person. You’ll be a greater blessing to them than you could possibly imagine.