Our goal at the Junction Church in Loughborough & Leicester is not to build a big church. It’s to grow big people.

Pioneering something that’s new can be both challenging and fulfilling. Challenging in that resources are often scarce. Fulfilling because you get to see something develop and flourish from it’s very beginning.

One of the things I’ve learned on my church planting journey is that the healthiest kind of growth is that which is measured and paced rather than quick and easy. The latter seems exciting and appealing. The former requires patience & longevity.

If it grows too quickly, it can lead to a false sense of security, appearing plausible on the surface but flawed at the root. Whereas digging deep foundations can be methodical and at times frustratingly slow, good foundations are vital for the long term health of the community. If these aren’t right then there is always an imminent danger of it being overcome by the weeds of negativity and unbelief.

Wise pioneers settle in their hearts that one event is not going to make the difference. One good service will not tip the balance – nor one bad service for that matter. You can have your best Sunday one week and your worst the next! But no-matter what, the long term approach recognises that you’re never as good as you think you are on your best day and you’re never as bad as you think you are on your worst.

It’s phenomenal to see how the Junction Church has grown – both in terms of health and numerically too. However we’re determined to keep the focus on what really matters. It’s all about growing bigger people, helping them fulfil their dreams & creating an environment that is conducive to seeing giants of the faith emerge. The job of a church leader is a bit like a gardner – pruning, trimming, weeding & protecting against influences which can kill life and diminish potential – things which are too often wrapped in the guise of good intent & spirituality. We’re absolutely resolute about this, even if we get misunderstood in the process. Loving people means helping them see what they often can’t see in themselves. Getting there can be tricky – but it’s totally worth it.

What is really important in church planting is consistency. Credibility is the child of consistency. Utimately, people are drawn to what is credible. That takes time. While fast and furious church growth seems attractive (especially when you hear incredible stories of this happening around the world), it would be a mistake to try to replicate it, especially when you don’t know the real story behind it. No, the key is to pace yourself, hold your nerve and stay the course. It’s always about growing bigger people.