If we were already excited about launching the Junction Church Leicester later this year, the recent success of Leicester City football team has magnified our excitement times 100!! This team did what nobody thought they could do – and won the premiership. WOW! They were dismissed by the experts. At the start of the season, former Leicester player Gary Lineker even said that if the team won, he would present Match of the Day in his pants!! What a prospect this is to look forward to (not)!!

In the end, Leicester won the league for one reason – teamwork. They worked together. They did life together. They ate together. They celebrated together. They faced challenges together. They laughed together. They played….TOGETHER. That’s why they won.

As we prepare to launch our second church in Leicester, I began to think about the kind of team that will build a great church in the city of Leicester. Here are 8 traits of a world class team that will build a world class Leicester church:

1) Culture Carriers.
These are people who carry the heart and soul of the Junction Church. They love God and they love HIS house. They are CAN DO people. They are people of possibility. They don’t make excuses. They just make it happen. And they do it with passion and enthusiasm. They don’t just talk it – they DO it. They ARE it.

2) Dependable
Ability means nothing without reliability. Dependable people get stuck in and do whatever needs to be done. When they say they’ll do something, they do it. When they say they’ll show up, they show up. That’s what it takes to make a great team work – dependability. That’s the kind of team that will build a world class church in Leicester.

3) Long Haulers
People who are committed to the long haul, whose hearts are in it in the good times and bad. Lets face it, life can get tough sometimes. But a world class team is not made up of people who blame others in challenging seasons. They pull together. They encourage each other. They see the vision and aim for the goal – to build a world class church in the city of Leicester.

4) Servant Hearts
These are people who set aside personal ambition and whose only ambition is to see other people’s lives changed. This is another great characteristic of a great team. People with servant hearts care far more about what they’re part of than the part they play. They’ll do whatever it takes. They don’t care who gets the credit. If one team member sees success, it’s the team’s success. If one team member is facing a challenge, it’s the team’s challenge. This is the nitty gritty of what servant hearted people do.

5) Passionate
People who are mildly interested never change anything. It’s passionate people who change the world – people who refuse to stay silent (silence is always a statement). In a world of discouragement, they choose to be encouragers. They choose to big up the good stuff. They choose to big up the team. It’s a decision – not a talent. They celebrate every success, no-matter how small it seems. Their passion is contagious and infectious. Great teams are full of people with great passion for the cause of reaching a city.

6) Responsible
People who refuse to blame. Nobody ever wins the blame game. A great team is made of people who don’t shirk their responsibilities. They relish responsibility because they really care.

7) Faithful
It only works when there is faithfulness. Faithfulness is the fruit of faith. If we say we are people of faith, then it needs to bear fruit. Great teams are made up of faithful people – who refuse to backbite – who refuse to gossip – who will always speak highly of the team and the cause for which we are involved.

8) Fun
Leicester city football team definitely had the fun factor. This is so important when it comes to building a great church team. People who can laugh at themselves and are likeable to be around. They’re incredibly serious about the vision – but they don’t take themselves too seriously. The team that laughs together stays together.

We simply cannot wait to launch the Junction Church Leicester on Sunday 16th October. We have a great team who are ready to serve the city. We believe that the BEST is yet to come!