Leaders of the Junction ChurchThe Junction Church in Leicester is more than a service – it’s a community where you can grow! Leicester is an incredible city. The decision to plant a Sunday night campus in Leicester began around 3 years ago. Lydia & I had to travel into Leicester one hot summer’s day because we had a few things to get. While we were there, we felt this overwhelming love for the city. We were taken aback by this. It was as if God had drawn us there to speak to us. We prayed much about it and visited the city a few more times (doing the obligatory tour of coffee houses in the process!). As we kept praying about it, we kept getting this very clear sense in our hearts that God wanted us to plant a Junction Church Leicester campus.

So at our annual vision day in October 2015, I announced what we’d be starting a second campus church in Leicester in autumn 2016. To be honest, I was a little nervous before the announcement because I wasn’t sure what the response would be. The Junction Church Loughborough was really growing and thriving. We’d just experienced a period of very significant growth. So I wondered if perhaps people might hate the idea of pioneering yet another campus? But nothing could have been further from the truth. After the announcement, we were absolutely inundated with emails and texts from people saying how much they loved the vision of another campus – and loads of encouragement and prayer too. It’s so encouraging that people ‘get’ the heart and vision of our church.

Within a month or so of mentioning this, we put together our Junction Church Leicester campus team (which has since grown to a core of around 20 people – plus many others who want to support on Sunday nights too). I have to say…this is the dream team. The quality & commitment of this team is absolutely amazing. They are true culture carriers. As well as serving at the Junction Church Loughborough every Sunday morning, the Leicester campus team make the journey to Leicester every Sunday night to play their part in pioneering and building a new church in Leicester that carries the heart, soul, values and culture of the Junction Church Loughborough.

church leicesterFrazer Botham is going to be leading the Junction Church Leicester campus team. Anyone who has ever met Frazer will know what a brilliant guy he is. His passion and enthusiasm are totally infectious. He’s also a man of outstanding character. Behind the scenes, Frazer has been working and praying hard on the ground, praying around the city and connecting with lots of people.

We are SO excited about the Junction Church Leicester. We are ONE church in TWO locations – and we are going to celebrate everything that God does in both in Loughborough and Leicester. In the end, our heart is to bring glory to the one for whom this is all about – our amazing God who deserves nothing other than our very best. We love you church and we believe God is with us. Let’s do this and let’s create some stories for the next generation…


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