It’s easy to say ‘I can’t’. But the convenience of an ‘I can’t’ life is not where we’re called to reside. It’s the adventure of ‘I CAN’ where God challenges us to live.

‘Can’t’ is lazy. ‘Can’t’ is tiresome. ‘Can’t’ is presumptuous. ‘Can’t’ is just an excuse. ‘Can’t’ is what happens when we submit to fear. ‘Can’t’ is the stench that stinking thinking leaves behind.

Faith is so different. Everything about the language of faith is ‘Can’. Paul said ‘I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ (Phil 4:13).

If the Church is to really make a difference in our world, a new sound has to be clearly heard. It’s vibe needs to be radically different. Mean spiritedness and negativity must be overcome by a strong culture of honour. Leaders need to model this first. This is Kingdom culture.

In a world of ‘can’t’, it’s time for people with a different conviction to rise. They declare ‘WE CAN’, even when it sounds ridiculous. ‘Can’ requires audacity. ‘Can’ needs courage. ‘Can’ dares to walk the road that few people ever tread. It’s called ‘the extra mile.

But remember this, as senseless and ridiculous as ‘Can’ often seems, it’s a far better representation of God than ‘Can’t’. God revealed himself to Moses as ‘I AM’ – not ‘I’m not’. His name speaks of His character, His power, His might, His authority, His strength, His love, His Kingdom. This is who God is – ‘I AM’.

When the doom of ‘CAN’T’ is overwhelmed by the boom of ‘CAN’, world watch out. Confidence rises. Faith grows. Heroes are born. The impossible becomes possible. A new generation dares to dream.

This is us. We are a ‘CAN’ church. We relish the impossible. We embrace intimidation. We see possibilities instead of problems. We don’t just face the facts – we FAITH the facts. We are the eternal optimists. We trust God’s goodness. This adventure is our destiny. THIS IS WHO WE ARE!

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