Elijah saw the dead raised. Yet he became so discouraged that he himself wanted to die. The irony of that is never lost on me.

Yet as he’s in the desert – defeated, depressed and wishing his life away, it’s there that he has his most profound encounter with God. But it’s not what you might expect. He sees the fire. But God isn’t in it. Then the wind….but God’s not there either. Then comes the shaking of the earthquake. Surely God would be there? No. God isn’t even in the earthquake.

The way that God chose to speak to Elijah that day was so much more powerful than the symbols of power that had just gone before. Instead, it was a still small voice – a ‘gentle whisper’. It certainly wasn’t as obvious as fire, wind and quake – yet it couldn’t have been any more powerful. Think about it…God’s own voice – personal, real, profound.

At the Junction Church in Loughborough, we believe that God still speaks today.Most of the time, He speaks in gentle whispers. God is always willing to speak to us. Perhaps the challenge we need to consider is: our we willing to take time to listen to him?

The only way we can truly learn to listen to God’s voice speaking into our lives is when we spend time with him.

Today, no-matter what you’re going through (good or bad) – take time to listen to God speaking to you. Read his Word. Pray. Seek. Listen. Be patient. Remember… one gentle whisper from God can cause your greatest failure to be turned into your most magnificent victory.

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