No matter which part of the world you are from, I think community means a sense of belonging. But beyond that, community gives a person a sense of identity.

As a Chemical Engineering student, I have been learning a lot about cell growth and how cells usually tend to increase at outstanding capacities in a group. But when a cell is alone (even if it has all the nutrients it requires for growth), it will eventually die off. I think this too is the same for Christians.

When we are plugged into a good, faith-filled church, we will increase in our faith. I think God designed it that way. By being a part of a community like this, we are able to grow in faith and reach others for the better too. Together, we can experience God’s presence and allow him to really come and fill us & touch us in times prayer and worship – because where two or more are gathered, surely the presence of God is there ( Matthew 18:20)

As an international student, this settling in process to a new country was a tough journey for me. But I truly thank God for the community I have found in the Junction Church Loughborough. It’s been more than just the doughnuts and coffee. I actually have the incredible opportunity to share life with other people who actually want me to succeed. In the process, I’ve made loads of new friends. God has touched me through the truly amazing people I have met.

The Junction Church is a colourfully diverse community where I have truly felt a sense of belonging. I have not only been able to serve others but have been served as well (John 13: 2-10).

The times we live in tend to glorify what the media call ‘selfies’. But within my community at the Junction Church I have been not only more accountable but also challenged to do better in everyday life and not settle for less. Being part of a community has been crucial for me. The truth is, I think it’s crucial for everyone.


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